Hello there!  I am a recent college graduate originally from Massachusetts, but have recently relocated to Washington, DC.  I do not hold a degree in Political Science, but I consider myself politically active and encourage others to join me!  I believe in real change and real progress as the solutions to the problems plaguing the United States, as well as the world.  By keeping this blog, I am hoping to attract both like minded individuals and those who respectfully disagree with my message.  I will be posting articles, videos, comics, etc., along with occasional commentary, that I consider politically interesting, engaging, and/or just plain entertaining.  Although I am not new to the blogosphere, I am relatively new to the WordPress scene, so please be patient while I get acclimated.  Enjoy!

I reserve the right to remove comments that I consider inappropriate.  Keep it clean, please!

Update:  1,500+ hits and counting!  Awesome!  Hope you keep reading!


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