The Third Gender

‘X’ now a gender option in Australian passports

The Associated Press
Posted: 09/14/2011 06:33:28 PM PDT
Updated: 09/14/2011 06:33:29 PM PDT

CANBERRA, Australia—Australian passports will now have three gender options: male, female and indeterminate. The change is designed to remove discrimination against transgender people.

The government said Thursday that transgender people and those of ambiguous sex will be able to list their gender with an ‘X’ if their choice is supported by a doctor’s statement.

Previously, gender was a choice of only male or female, and people were not allowed to change their gender on their passport without having had a sex-change operation.

Government senator Louise Pratt, whose partner was born female and is now identified as a man, says the reform is a major improvement for travelers who face questioning and detention in airports because their appearances do not match their gender status.



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