Surveys Galore!


John Boehner wants you to see this

Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:44 AM EDT, The Maddow Blog


Republican House Speaker John Boehner just tweeted a survey from Bloomberg News. It shows 72 percent of people saying the economy is getting worse and the country’s on the wrong track:

The broad message of Republicans is resonating, with 57 percent of the country saying the best way to create jobs is to cut taxes and government spending. That hasn’t stopped the party’s brand from deteriorating, and the public rejects many specific Republican policy prescriptions.

From far away, voters buy the tough-love premise. Up close, they want Congress to raise taxes on the wealthy before cutting Medicare or Social Security. They also like health reform — just 34 percent agree with Republicans that it should be repealed.

Another new survey, this one not tweeted by Speaker Boehner, says that Americans prefer President Obama’s approach to the economy over Republicans. They like the American Jobs Act by 43-35, and when you break it down into parts, Steve Benen notes, they like it even more:

[T]he more important results show strong support for individual provisions of the plan: clear majorities Americans support cutting the payroll tax (65% support), providing state aid to protect jobs for teachers and first responders (74%), and infrastructure investments (64%).

Republicans oppose all of these ideas.

We saw something of the same thing in the health reform fight — even people opposed to it on principle really liked the particulars.



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