GM Investment in Flint, MI

General Motors to make major investment in Flint, MI

SAT JUL 16 at 12:45 PM PDT by Dante Atkins for Daily Kos
General Motors—which still exists as a manufacturing entity thanks to the Obama administration—is set to do something that should make native son Michael Moore very happy: make a major manufacturing investment in Flint, MI:

General Motors Co. is expected to announce Monday it will invest about $300 million to build a new full-size truck at its Flint Assembly plant, according to sources familiar with the plans.The investment will create or retain hundreds of jobs, the sources said.

GM spokeswoman Kim Carpenter declined to comment other than to say: “We have some exciting news and we look forward to sharing it on Monday,” when company and union executives have scheduled a morning news conference in Flint.

Now, let’s remember who thinks those jobs shouldn’t exist because GM received government assistance. Starting with Michele Bachmann:

We all know GM is now Government Motors because it’s owned by the American people. It’s been nationalized. There is no private corporations the way we used to think of GM. Now, the main stockholder is the American Government.

Or how about the Republican National Committee, which produced a 90-second web adattacking Obama for his decision to save the American auto industry?

Then there’s second-tier presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty:

“Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty criticized the decision to use the $700 billion rescue fund to restructure two domestic automakers.Pawlenty told a group of reporters today at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor that the Obama administration was wrong to swap billions of dollars in loans for equity stakes in General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC.

“I strongly opposed the government taking over the auto companies,” said Pawlenty.”

And there’s plenty more out there from just about every conservative website in existence. Not just criticizing the use of taxpayer money, but openly wishing for General Motors to fail and even calling the bailout an anti-capitalist conspiracy to allow Obama to restrict the use of cars to control our movements like an authoritarian communist government. If General Motors had failed, however, no doubt the entire conservative movement would have started railing about how Obama let a titan of American industry die because he hates capitalism.



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