Marijuana – No Accepted Medical Purpose?

Federal Government Rules Marijuana Has No Accepted Medical Purpose


First Posted: 7/9/11 03:03 PM ET Updated: 7/9/11 06:06 PM ET HUFFINGTON POST

 The federal government ruled on Friday that marijuana has no accepted medical use and should remain in the same class of drugs as heroin.

The decision comes nearly nine years after marijuana supporters asked the government to reclassify the drug to take into account the growing body of research conducted across the globe that proves it’s effective in treating certain diseases, reports The Los Angeles Times.

The paper spoke to advocates who criticized the ruling but are pleased that the government has finally responded, which allows them to appeal to the federal courts.

In May several medical marijuana advocacy groups under the name Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis filed a lawsuit insisting that the DEA finally attend to the 9-year-old request, reports LAist.

Joe Elford, chief counsel for Americans for Safe Access told the Times, he was not surprised by the decision, which came shortly after the Obama administration announced it would not tolerate large-scale commercial marijuana growing operations.

It is clearly motivated by a political decision that is anti-marijuana,” he said. He noted that studies demonstrate pot has beneficial effects, including appetite stimulation for people undergoing chemotherapy. “One of the things people say about marijuana is that it gives you the munchies and the truth is that it does, and for some people that’s a very positive thing.

The Times also noted, this is the third time that petitions to reclassify marijuana have been denied. The first was filed in 1972 and denied 17 years later. The second was filed in 1995 and denied in 2001. Both decisions were appealed, but the courts sided with the federal government.

California and many other states have legalized marijuana for medicinal reasons and a push to legalize it in general is expected to appear on the 2012 ballot in California as Proposition 19, writes LAist.


3 comments on “Marijuana – No Accepted Medical Purpose?

  1. Yes it most certainly does have medicinal purposes!! Because of my back injury, rendering me disabled. I take pain medication all day long. In doing so, I have no appetite, find it hard to sleep, and am very agitated due to my disability. Marijuana helps me to develop an appetite, helps me sleep, calms me down, and I’m gaining weight. Now if those aren’t medical remedies to my situation, I don’t know what is!!

    • Hi Brad,

      Thanks for your comment, and I’m sorry to hear of the pain that you are experiencing. I am in complete agreement with you that marijuana has an accepted medical purpose. I have known cancer patients that are going through chemotherapy that benefit from marijuana use – it helps ease their nausea so that they can keep down food and continue to gain weight. It’s a shame that this is so politicized.

      Hope you continue to read the blog!

  2. I also forgot to mention that it also helps with my pain as well, which is utmost to have any quality of life!


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