Who Cares About the Working Class?

The Huffington Post reported today that the “New Hampshire legislators voted to override a veto by Democratic Gov. John Lynch on Wednesday, paving the way for a new law to restrict the state’s minimum wage.  The bill, sponsored by Republican Rep. Carol McGuire and strongly backed by GOP leadership, automatically ties the state minimum wage to the federal minimum wage, assuring that New Hampshire’s rate is as low as it can legally be.”

Oh how easy we forget that the working class is the foundation of modern America.  Sure, we can look at names such as Ford and Carnegie as the “fathers of the Industrial Revolution,” but without the working class laborers, none of what they had envisioned would have become a reality.  Perhaps more importantly, without the diligence of the working class to create safe and secure working environments, establish collective bargaining, and fight for their rights, we would all still be operating under conditions that caused tragedies such as the Triangle Fire.  So why is the working class now having to bear the brunt of the fiscal crisis we’re in?  Why instead of shifting that responsibility to corporate heads, are we insisting that it be placed on the backs of the working class?  Do we still really believe that the trickle down approach works?  Hasn’t the widening income inequality in the United States proven that it doesn’t?



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