Maddow, Planned Parenthood, and Medicaid

Since losing funding in states such as Indiana, Planned Parenthood has had to make some difficult decisions, one of which has been to cease to cover Medicaid patients.  Without federal funding, Planned Parenthood of Indiana (PPIN) has been covering Medicaid patient services through private funds.  Unfortunately, they are running out of donations to continue to cover these services, and therefore Medicaid recipients will need to find a new health care provider.  Which options are they left with?  “A Salvation Army addiction center, a homeless shelter, several mental health centers, a juvenile detention center and the Indiana Women’s Prison.”

The home page of Planned Parenthood of Indiana now reads: “Beginning Tuesday, all Medicaid patients will need to pay for their own care or access other funding to be seen at Planned Parenthood of Indiana health centers. On Wednesday, June 22, all health centers will be closed, except Indianapolis – Georgetown, which will be closed Thursday, June 23. All health centers will reopen with normal hours the following day.”

The Maddow Blog reports that: “Well over a month after being defunded by the state, Planned Parenthood of Indiana has figured out a way to avoid shutting down any of its health centers — yet. By making some “difficult decisions,” including laying off two employees, furloughing almost everyone else and closing all of their health centers for a day, and no longer covering Medicaid patients through private funds, they’ll be able to stay operational until a judge’s ruling, expected by July 1, on whether their funding should be restored while they challenge the new law in court.”

Read the entire post, and watch Maddow’s interview with PPIN’s CEO & President, here.



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