Bizarre Solutions to the Fiscal Crisis

The Ten Oddest Responses To The Fiscal Crisis – Retrieved through Progress News Daily

  • Emergency managers — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder ripped authority from two towns and the Detroit public schools into the hands of individual bureaucrats.
  • Declassifying endangered animals — The federal budget passed this April gave gray wolf hunters the green light.
  • No more bargaining — Legislation passed in Wisconsin and other states busted unions under the guise of a budget crisis.
  • Lowering taxes on cigarettes — New Hampshire is the latest state to consider a measure that purports to stimulate the economy by poaching smokers from other states.
  • Banning composting on Capitol Hill – Saving taxpayers $0.003 each.
  • Signing pledges not to raise taxes – Throwing an ugly wrench into budgeting talks at both the state and federal levels.
  • Selling the wilderness — Republicans used the April budget to defund some wilderness protection programs and continue to push for additional land privatization.
  • Rejecting government money for high-speed rail — Florida rejected more than $2 billion in federal funds that ended up going to more ambitious states.
  • Threatening to withhold emergency-relief funds — Some Republicans said Joplin, MO tornado victims should only be given assistance if the government balanced its spending with funding cuts elsewhere.
  • Ending the federal mohair subsidy — Farmers brought their goats to Capitol Hill in protest, but this arbitrary-sounding $1 million annual subsidy was finally cut in the April budget.
I’m left simply scratching my head…


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