Wal-Mart Just Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

But unfortunately, they always seem to come out as winners.  The Washington Post just reported that the Supreme Court blocked the massive lawsuit brought against Wal-Mart on the grounds of sex-discrimination by local managers “in a decision that might make it harder to bring future discrimination lawsuits against large corporations.”  The decision was unanimous in terms of the finding “that the district court and U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in California should not have certified the class-action suit under a part of the federal law that allows for monetary awards, rather than simply forcing the company to change its allegedly discriminatory practices.”  However, the liberal members of the Court were concerned about the discriminatory practices that the women were bringing to their attention: “But [Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg] said the women had presented ample evidence that there was a problem at Wal-Mart, where women fill 70 percent of the hourly jobs but make up only 33 percent of management employees.”

In a country where women make 77 cents to the dollar of that of their male counterparts, hold a minuscule portion of managerial positions (never mind CEOs), and the largest number of U.S. Senators that have served concurrently is seventeen, are we really surprised?

Perhaps it is about time that we recognize that women are a (powerful) majority in the United States and deserve nothing less than non-discrimination policies (and practices) in the workplace!



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