Openly-Gay GOP Presidential Candidate?

Perhaps I am ignorant, but I’ve only just heard of Fred Karger today.  He is the first openly-gay Republican running for this country’s highest office.  According to the Huffington Post, “Karger is a GOP political consultant conducting a long-shot campaign for the White House. The Republican hopeful did not qualify to participate in the presidential primary debate that took place in the Granite State last week.”  In fact, Karger was not even invited to the debate even though “Bachmann has not yet filed any papers. And, of the three candidates -Karger, Romney, and Pawlenty–who have filed financial reporters with the FEC, Karger has raised more money ($179,771) than former Minnesota Governor Pawlenty ($160,066).”

I think it is telling that this has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, to the extent that people who are genuinely interested and keep up with politics (me) are completely ignorant to this man’s existence.  In fact, the only recent news I’ve seen about this man has been how he was heckled outside of the debate.

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